Meet Gary & Maggie

Certified Healthy Grandparents

We got married in 1995 and shortly afterwards we both started suffering for arthritis and weight gain.  Maybe having Maggie's two children and my grand-kids played a part. We were both active, I did some gardening, and lots of home repairs for my friends and family and Maggie walked a few miles a day. 

Add to that in 1999 we had a very bad car accident. Maggie suffered torn intestines and more.  From that point onward she suffered from irritable bowel and more. Really the doctors could not figure it out. We found she had a very bad case of abdominal adhesion's.  That is simply where scar tissue attached to the intestines and caused attached themselves to other organs causing twisting of the bowels. She suffered from ongoing abdominal pain constantly.  Walking slowed down and weight gain increased.  As the Weight increased stress also increased and so did the pain. At one point she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Oh and high cholesterol and high blood pressures and very high sugar. 

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Now that you know our story you know why I started studying ways to improve our health. My search lead me to Homeopathy, Herbs, Minerals, and Deep Muscle Massage.